10th July 2015

Giant Hogweed leaves youngsters with severe burns

Giant Hogweed is extremely toxic.

Four boys and a seven-year-old girl were left with burns after brushing against the plant in parks in Bolton and Salford – Source Manchester evening news.

Full Story Giant Hogweed Burns Children Manchester

View our Invasive Weed Page to help you identify if you have Giant Hogweed on or near your property or where your children play.

Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum is harmful not only to the environment but can cause severe blistering when it comes into contact with human skin and can leave the victim
with permanent scarring.

Giant Hogweed is a highly invasive plant species that will cover large areas of land if left untreated. Each individual flower head can produce up to 1500 seeds, causing soil erosion especially on riverbanks and as a result can be found in large quantities at roadside and riverbanks.

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