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What does it look like?

  • Flowers with a green tint
  • Can reach up to 4m in height
  • Large round leaves
  • Reddish shoots that start in spring

Where’s it found?

  • Water courses
  • Woodland edges
  • Railway bankings
  • River banks

How’s it treated?

An expert in invasive weeds can treat giant knotweed with the same methods used to treat Japanese knotweed.

Methods like burial, excavation and capping can all be used to control the spread of the plant.

Our experts are based throughout the UK, with our offices located in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Hull, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and Sheffield.

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Giant knotweed removal that’s fully insured and guaranteed 

With over 10 years of experience working in the industry, we’re one of the very few contractors to be accredited with both INNSA and PCA.

Whether you’ve got a development project halted by an invasive weed infestation, or a commercial property you’re concerned will be damaged or devalued, we’ve successfully treated and managed invasive weeds on commercial sites and premises across the UK.

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