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When will it be seen?

  • You’ll see it most from June to October

What does it look like?

  • Can grow from 1 to 3m tall
  • The leaves will typically be serrated, green and oval-shaped with red veins 
  • The flowers will be bright purple and typically seen from June to September

Watch out for the seeds!

Be mindful of the seeds. They can explode when matured – spreading the seeds far and wide. They can shoot as far as 7m.

Make sure you get an expert to treat this plant to avoid further spreading in future.

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Solving your invasive weed problems 

If you’re dealing with an invasive weed problem, don’t do it alone. We’re on hand to help you solve it.

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Looking for information on a different species?

Invasive weeds come in all shapes and sizes. Find out more about the common types of invasive weeds below.


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If left unchecked can cause damage to property, driveways and underground services.

Giant Hogweed

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Seed based species known to cause severe burns when it comes into contact with skin.

Buddleia Davidii

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An eye-catching, attractive plant that’s fast becoming a major issue for the British rail network and property owners.

Himalayan Knotweed

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Lesser known knotweed, but can still cause damage when left unchecked.

Giant Knotweed

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Similar to Japanese knotweed but can grow up to four metres in height.

Alpine Knotweed

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A tall, semi-evergreen perennial growing up to 1.8m in height with large spiky shaped leaves.

Chinese Knotweed

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Used in Chinese medicine for its apparent health benefits, its roots can still cause damage to property and other vegetation.

Bohemian Knotweed

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A new hybrid of Japanese and giant knotweed. This crossbreed is likely to cause major disruption in the years to come.

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