Tackling Japanese knotweed in your residential property

When you see the words ‘Japanese knotweed’, it can be easy to panic.

But as long as you talk to the experts, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to deal with the problem. We’ll support you through the treatment of Japanese knotweed and other invasive weeds, including showing you how to manage any future growth.

Invasive Weed Management uses a number of methods to get in there and make sure Japanese knotweed doesn’t cause you future trouble.

Buying a home is a really exciting time – whether it’s your first home, your next home or your forever home. But invasive weeds can be extremely costly, worrying and, if left unchecked, damaging to your investment.

If a surveyor has discovered Japanese knotweed or other invasive weeds on your property (or one you’re looking to buy), or you think you’ve found them yourself, we’re here to help.

Mini Digger Excavating A Garden

“I was very pleased with the work they did for me. The knotweed is now under control and they were very professional all the way and kept me informed through the whole process.”


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Cost effective and reliable, herbicide is one of our most popular treatments.


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Fast and efficient, ‘dig and dump’ offers a quick solution to your invasive weed problem.


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A long term method for dealing with non-native, invasive species.


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Tackle boundary issues and disputes with this preventative option.


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Treat an invasive species on site without sending materials to landfill. Cutting costs and helping the planet.


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An inventive, sustainable method that removes rhizome from the contaminated soil. This allows the soil to be used elsewhere on site.


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Minimising costs and waste, capping eliminates the risk of regrowth.

Japanese Knotweed Growing Near Houses

Invasive Weeds

In addition to Japanese knotweed, we can assist you with the removal and treatment of several other invasive weed species.

If you need help identifying an invasive plant on your property, you can send us a photo via our website or email. It couldn’t be simpler.


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If left unchecked can cause damage to property, driveways and underground services.

Giant Hogweed

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Seed based species known to cause severe burns when it comes into contact with skin.

Himalayan Balsam

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Rapid growing, the slightest contact with this plant can result in the dispersal of seeds.

Buddleia Davidii

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An eye-catching, attractive plant that’s fast becoming a major issue for the British rail network and property owners.

Himalayan Knotweed

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Lesser known knotweed, but can still cause damage when left unchecked.

Giant Knotweed

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Similar to Japanese knotweed but can grow up to four metres in height.

Alpine Knotweed

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A tall, semi-evergreen perennial growing up to 1.8m in height with large spiky shaped leaves.

Chinese Knotweed

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Used in Chinese medicine for its apparent health benefits, its roots can still cause damage to property and other vegetation.

Bohemian Knotweed

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A new hybrid of Japanese and giant knotweed. This crossbreed is likely to cause major disruption in the years to come.

Bamboo Overgrowing In A Garden

“Japanese Knotweed was completely removed from my properties quickly and efficiently. A real weight off my mind.”

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