Doing your professional duty for the planet 

With commercial property professionals being more mindful of their impact on landfills, we’re pleased to offer this alternative, more sustainable weed treatment method.

Screening can only be used in certain circumstances, but we can advise on whether it’s the appropriate option for your development.

(You may even be able to access certain tax relief when you decide to use screening. You can speak to one of our team for more information).

Getting to know you

The first thing we’ll do is visit your site or development to conduct a free survey. This allows us to get a full understanding of the issue.

We’ll work with you to come up with a plan to tackle your invasive weed issue effectively.

Experienced and highly qualified

With over a decade of experience, we’re one of the very few contractors accredited with both INNSA and PCA.

We’re proud of our commitment to working to the highest standard, ensuring all up-to-date legislation is followed.

Getting the job done properly

When you work with us, we’re with you right until the end. We’ll continue to monitor sites for at least two years following our treatments.

This is further backed by a 10-year insurance guarantee. When we’re on the job, the invasive weeds are gone and we’ll make sure they’re gone for good.

We have an expert in every part of the country

At Invasive Weed Management, we have a nationwide network of expert Surveyors and operatives ready to help with your invasive weed issue.

We’re always here to answer any questions and offer advice on the best way forward.

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Choosing a method that works for you

Making sure you use the right technique to get rid of your invasive weed issue is important. We’re on hand to advise you on which option is best for you.

You can learn more about our tried and tested methods below.

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