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Japanese Knotweed Growing In A Garden

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Finding Japanese knotweed on your commercial premises or development site isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t have to cause huge disruption, either.

It couldn’t be easier to get the professional advice and Japanese knotweed removal services you need, with IWM. 

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You can send us photos of any plants or trees you need assistance with via our website or simply drop us an email info@invasiveweedmanegement.co.

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We’re accredited by both INNSA and PCA – because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, so you can, too.

Our knotweed removal services are provided with an insurance-backed 10-year guarantee.

Japanese Knotweed Overgrowing

How we treat Japanese knotweed

We use several methods to make sure Japanese knotweed is treated and removed.

To learn more and speak to us about any specific methods, you can always speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.

Japanese Knotweed Growing Over A Metal Fence

Nice to be notorious

Japanese knotweed was introduced to the UK in the 18th century as an ornamental plant and was widely planted across the UK for its attractive appearance. It’s since then become notorious for rapid growth and causing significant damage to the outer layers and foundations of many homes.

For that reason, it’s become classed as one of the world’s ‘worst species’ of plants by the World Conservation Union.

Japanese Knotweed Growing Through A Wall

What does Japanese knotweed mean for my project? 

If you find an infestation of Japanese knotweed on your site, treatment is non-negotiable. Not getting it treated in the early stages will ultimately cause you more problems and bigger delays down the line. The sooner you nip it in the bud, the better.

However – it doesn’t spell disaster, either. There are several methods we use for successfully treating or removing Japanese knotweed.

Call us for advice on the best course of action.

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Japanese Knotweed Growing In The Sunshine

Protecting biodiversity

Because of the hardy nature of Japanese knotweed, it can often bulldoze its way through other plant species and disrupt the natural biodiversity.

We’ll always try to make sure there is minimal disruption to other plants and wildlife while we treat the Japanese knotweed on your site.

Don’t believe the rumours

While Japanese knotweed can grow through small gaps and imperfections, contrary to what some contractors may tell you, it cannotgrow through solid concrete.

If you suspect you’ve found Japanese knotweed, speak to our knotweed treatment.

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Japanese Knotweed By A Roadside

Guiding you through the process

As well as Japanese knotweed, we can support you with other ecological issues or surveys you may need to undertake as part of any ongoing maintenance or planning applications.

To speak to one of our team about Japanese knotweed, get in touch.

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