IWM 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee 10 year insurance backed guarantee

Cost effective and eco-friendly removal

Our expert operatives will carefully excavate the invasive species, taking care to avoid cross-contamination.

Providing you have the space, we can secure the invasive plants in a burial cell, without the need to take the material to a landfill.

A practical, long-term solution to the issue.

Our knowledge and years of experience allow us to provide you with advice and guidance on the best possible way to fix your invasive weed issue.

We’ll help you find the right method to treat the problem, for good.

Our commitment to training

Our operatives are trained to the highest level to ensure the safest and most successful treatment.

At Invasive Weed Management, we’re proud of the work we do to develop the skills of our team of experts.

10 year insurance guarantee

Our passion for growth (of people, not weeds) is further backed with a 10-year insurance guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

We also bring over a decade of experience which equips us to give you the best advice and guidance.

Ongoing monitoring

When we’ve completed the excavation and burial, we’ll continue to monitor the site for a minimum of two years to ensure there’s no regrowth.

We’re committed to quality and we’ll work with you until the invasive weeds are gone for good.

Expert advice wherever you are

Our network of experts works nationally and is always on the other end of the phone, ready to advise you.

We have offices right across the country, and we’re always on hand to answer your questions.

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Taking the right approach

There’s more than one way to get rid of those pesky, invasive weeds. The right one for you depends on the specific situation. And we’re here to advise you. You can find out more about our other techniques below.

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