Professional Japanese knotweed removal in Sheffield

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    Having spoken to a few different providers – I selected IWM due to their openness and professionalism. Their quote I felt was most detailed and presented the best value for money. They took great care to explain the situation and spread of the JKW.


    Invasive weed control services in the Sheffield area

    From our Sheffield base we also help clients in Chesterfield, Barnsley and Doncaster where there’s some Triffid-like knotweed areas.

    Your weeds treated, removed and guaranteed

    Helping both commercial and residential properties treat and remove non-native weed species, all our work is backed with a ten year insurance guarantee. 

    From free on site surveys to detailed invasive weed management plans, we’re your first port of call if you’re having difficulties with non-native invasive species.

    Right team, wrong area?

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