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    Having spoken to a few different providers – I selected IWM due to their openness and professionalism. Their quote I felt was most detailed and presented the best value for money. They took great care to explain the situation and spread of the JKW.


    Weed control services in the West Midlands

    From the UK’s second busiest city of Birmingham to Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley, and all the way to Norwich, it’s no wonder the midlands has become our second busiest area.

    Preventing fly-tipping of Japanese knotweed in Birmingham

    Similarly to many other major cities around the UK, we know that the fly-tipping of Japanese knotweed is a significant problem. Any professional contractor worth their salt knows that this is absolutely not best practice. If you witness anyone acting in this way, contact your local authority.

    Right team, wrong area?

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