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Buddleia Davidii growing out of a roof

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You can send us photos of any plants or trees you need assistance with via our website or simply drop us an email info@invasiveweedmanegement.co.

Removing invasive plants from residential properties nationwide

Find out more about what to look for if you suspect an invasive weed problem, when you can expect to see these plant species, and how we can help you treat them.

Himalayan Balsam

Pretty, but pesky

Many species of invasive weeds may look appealing, but they can be a real nuisance and cause untold damage if left untreated. Whether your properties are residential or commercial, pesky plants are a problem you just don’t need.

Bamboo overgrowing in a garden

Protecting your green space

We carry out all our residential weed treatments and removals with as little disruption to the surrounding plant and wildlife on or surrounding your property as possible.

Our top priority is protecting biodiversity as well as doing a complete and thorough job for you.

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Knotweed comes in many forms. As well as Japanese knotweed, we’re also able to treat and remove Himalayan knotweed, Giant knotweed, Chinese knotweed and alpine knotweed.

These will all look slightly different but can have a similar impact on your property. But don’t worry, we’re right here to help.

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Know your knotweed


There are hundreds of species of invasive weed out there, including a number of aquatic species.

We currently only deal with a limited number of aquatic species. We’ll be more than happy to advise you where you can find help if you’re worried about an aquatic plant on your property.

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Keeping our feet on dry land

Hogweed overgrown

We’d always advise that you don’t try and treat any invasive weed species by yourself. These plants are often hardy and there’s not a lot they can’t survive. In most cases, they need a proper course of treatment to fully deal with the problem.

We’ll be happy to discuss the right treatment plan with you.

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Residential invasive weed control? Don’t try this at home

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