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Japanese Knotweed Overgrowing

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You should always speak to a professional contractor before trying to deal with Japanese knotweed. It’s not something we’d recommend you try to fix on your own, as it can often make the problem worse. 

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If you think you’ve found Japanese knotweed near your home, you can send us a photo via website or email us info@invasiveweedmanagement.co.

How we treat Japanese knotwee

We’re knotweed treatment experts, and we use several methods to make sure Japanese knotweed is treated and removed.

If you want to learn more and speak to us about any specific methods, our team is happy to help.

Japanese Knotweed Growing Through A Wall

Nice to be notorious

Japanese knotweed was introduced to the UK in the 18th century as an ornamental plant and was widely planted across the UK for its attractive appearance. It’s since then become notorious for rapid growth and causing significant damage to the outer layers and foundations of many homes.

For that reason, it’s become classed as one of the world’s ‘worst species’ of plants by the World Conservation Union.

Japanese Knotweed Growing In The Sunshine

What does Japanese knotweed mean for my property?

If your home has been affected by Japanese knotweed, you may find it difficult to get a mortgage until the issue has been taken care of.

There are several methods for treating or removing Japanese knotweed – while it might be worrying to find out you have an invasive weed near your property, remember that in the vast majority of cases, the knotweed can be successfully treated or removed.

Give our Japanese knotweed specialists a call, and we’ll be happy to give you the right advice.

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Japanese Knotweed Growing In A Garden

Protecting other plant life at your property

Because of the hardy nature of Japanese knotweed, it can often bulldoze its way through other plant species on your property and disrupt the natural biodiversity. We’ll work hard to try to protect the plant life around the knotweed wherever we can.

Don’t believe the rumours

Contrary to what some contractors may have you believe, Japanese knotweed cannot grow through solid concrete.

It will, however, make its way through the smallest of gaps and imperfections. If you suspect you’ve found Japanese knotweed, speak to our knotweed treatment experts to find out what to do next.

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Japanese Knotweed Growing Over A Metal Fence

Guiding you through the process

As well as Japanese knotweed, we can support you with other ecological issues or surveys that may need to be undertaken as part of any ongoing maintenance or planning applications.

To speak to one of our team about Japanese knotweed, get in touch today.

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