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Tackle boundary issues cost-effectively 

An invasive weed growth such as the spread of Japanese Knotweed can cause legal issues around property boundaries. Disputes like this are a major headache and can stop development in its tracks.

By installing a vertical Japanese knotweed root barrier, we can secure your site from the spread of the invasive species.

While this method is a preventive measure and not a definitive treatment, it can come in handy as a cost-effective and quick resolution to disputes and legal issues.

If you’re dealing with a boundary issue as a result of invasive weed growth, we’re on hand to provide helpful advice on how to move forward.

Proven performance history

A barrier installation is guaranteed to be effective for at least 50 years.

Take away the stress of Japanese knotweed growth and boundary disputes. Talk to one of our expert operatives about your options today.

Fast and efficient turnaround

When time is of the essence, a barrier installation is a way to get things moving with your development.

Stop invasive weeds in their tracks by installing a vertical root barrier to prevent further spread.

Advice you can rely on

At Invasive Weed Management, we’re passionate about developing our people.

Our expert operatives are always learning more about ways to help you combat invasive weeds. With over 10 years of experience, we’ll provide advice you can trust.

Helping developers all over the country

No matter which part of the country you’re in, we’re on hand to help with your issue. With an expert in your local area, we’re just a phone call away.

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Making the right choice

Thanks to our unrivalled knowledge, we can help you with a number of different methods on-site to treat and remove invasive species.

See below for more information on the range of techniques we use.

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