IWM 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee 10 year insurance backed guarantee

Put a lid on it

Capping can save your project money by reducing the depth of excavation and therefore reducing the amount of waste created.

A cost and time-effective way to treat Japanese knotweed, capping allows you to keep waste to a minimum.

Talk to us today to find out if capping is the right way to tackle invasive weed species on your developments.

Let’s take the fear out of it

When you find out you have a potentially damaging plant growing on your development, it can be a worrying time. Will it bring the project to a halt?

The good news is these issues can be dealt with effectively. We’re here to help you do just that.

Putting a plan in place

We’ll put a knotweed management plan in place for you, ensuring that locations and excavation depths are properly recorded.

Working to the highest standards and industry codes of practice, we’re the experts when it comes to treating invasive weeds.

10-year insurance guarantee

Worried about regrowth? Don’t be.

As well as being highly qualified, all our work comes backed with a 10-year insurance guarantee.

You can rest assured, knowing you’re in safe hands when you work with Invasive Weed Management.

Working with large-scale developments all over the country 

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Which method is best for you?

We’re on hand to advise you on the best way forward for your development once you’ve discovered an issue with an invasive species. Find out about the range of treatment techniques we use below.

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