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Where will I find it?

  • Will often be seen between June and October
  • Commonly found on railways, in homes, industrial estates and more

What does it look like?

  • Can grow up to 15ft tall
  • Will usually produce purple flowers with an orange centre
  • Dark green leaves with serrated edges 
  • You’ll find fine hairs on the bottom of the leaves and around the stem

Why is it a problem?

Given the chance, this species will cause structural damage when it gets into walls and pavements.

This comes at a huge cost to property owners and railway networks alike.

Can weaken walls, crack tarmac & concrete and can damage to homes and commercial premises.

Based in Manchester and London, we’re proud to work with ButterflyBush.co.uk to create a more biodiverse environment in these urban areas. With our combined expertise, we offer a cost-effective remedy to tackle this invasive species.

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