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Herbicidal treatment gets knotweed under control

Residential property in Manchester
Japanese Knotweed
Japanese knotweed growing through a fence

An unexpected Discovery 

It’s illegal to knowingly declare that a property isn’t affected by Japanese Knotweed during a sale – but that’s exactly what happened to a client who bought a property and hadn’t been made aware of a knotweed infestation.

After the client, now the new owner, found suspected knotweed, they contacted our team to carry out a site inspection.

Japanese Knotweed Removed From Residential Property

Duped at Sale 

We discovered the property had clearly been affected by knotweed for some time – and importantly, before the purchase, with the previous owner’s prior knowledge. We found a garden burning bin stuffed with Japanese Knotweed canes, and dead canes hidden around the property from previous years.

Following the inspection, the clients asked for our team to conduct a herbicide management plan to keep the knotweed infestation under control, using stem injection and knapsack application.

Stem injection herbicidal treatment

Regaining control  

The client began proceedings to pursue the previous vendor for illegal declaration during the sale, to cover the costs of the Japanese Knotweed plan along with a settlement for their inconvenience.

The herbicide plan is underway and has the spread under control, while the clients can focus on their new property.

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