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    Having spoken to a few different providers – I selected IWM due to their openness and professionalism. Their quote I felt was most detailed and presented the best value for money. They took great care to explain the situation and spread of the JKW.


    Weed control services in Bristol

    From urban projects in the stunning cities of Bristol and Bath, to the more rural areas Wiltshire, Dorset and Cornwall, we’re excited to be offering our services to commercial and residential clients across the South West.

    Tackling Japanese knotweed in Bristol

    Bristol has historically been one of the areas most densely affected by Japanese knotweed infestations. 

    And with the largely untouched rural roadsides and riverbanks throughout the South West, it’s easy to see why local authorities would want a trusted professional contractor on their side. 

    Right team, wrong area?

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