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Property sells after Japanese Knotweed removed and capped

Residential property in Central London
Japanese Knotweed
Japanese knotweed growing in a residential garden

Facing a huge loss 

After discovering a Japanese Knotweed infestation on their property following a valuation, a client was devastated to hear that their property value would be reduced by 30% unless they could remediate the knotweed. They were looking to sell a property which should have been valued at over £4m – so a 30% reduction meant they were facing a loss of over £1m.

This knotweed problem needed solving.

Japanese knotweed removal in a residential garden

Getting to the root of the problem 

The tearful and worried client contacted our team for help. We talked through the options available, and the client chose to go ahead with a full removal of the knotweed.

Because of the access available, we couldn’t bring in the usual heavy machinery to the rear of the property for the removal. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t get the job done – and it was time to get ‘old school’. Our team went in to hand dig the knotweed, and screen the soils for rhizome materials (a continuously growing underground stem, that puts out new shoots and root systems for new plants).

Japanese knotweed roots in the soil

Removed, capped and sold 

The excavated Japanese Knotweed and rhizomes were removed from the site, and the area was capped with a permeable root barrier and clean back-filled material. 

The valuer was happy with the remediation – and so was the buyer that came along, as the property sold at market value.

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