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Japanese Knotweed Removal On Former Football Fields

Former Football fields in Leeds
Japanese Knotweed
Japanese Knotweed excavation taking place on former football fields in Leeds

Contamination Halts Development 

After acquiring a site to develop for housing, a client approached us for a soil analysis report. They planned to excavate the site, and remove the material from the site to landfill. 

The results of the soil analysis told us that the soil was contaminated. The levels of contamination made it unacceptable for the landfill to accept the material – the developer needed a new plan. 

Time to get creative.

Soil screening taking place

Bespoke Solution  

The IWM team excavated the Japanese Knotweed material from the infested areas, stockpiled it within the site, and also processed and removed it from the sub soils. 

To combat the spread of the Japanese Knotweed to a row of properties beyond the boundary near where the Knotweed had been growing, we also installed a vertical root barrier, and we’ll be treating the area with herbicide for the next few years.

Rhizomes extracted from the soil

Ready to build 

Because we’d removed the need for haulage and landfill, this was a much more sustainable option for the developer than the initial plan. Plus, most of the sub soils we excavated were reintroduced to the site, so there was no need to import additional backfill material, eradicating that expense.

Now, the site is ready for residential development for much needed affordable housing.

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