2nd March 2017

Railways, Knotweed and Apps

February Knotweed Blog 2017

Media coverage of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed is normally reserved for the summer time but this year there has been a potentially landmark case over the winter months.

A homeowner in Cardiff successfully Sued Network Rail after their house was affected by Japanese Knotweed encroaching from land owned by Network rail. Neighbours Robin Waistell, 70, and Stephen Williams, 43, fought Network Rail for four years after becoming “trapped” by knotweed at their homes in Measteg .

They were unable to sell their properties due the proximity of the Knotweed and felt that legal action was the only solution. This case may well have serious repercussions in the residential market and will have network rail sweating… Watch this space. It is well known that the rail networks within the United Kingdom are heavily infested with Japanese Knotweed (amongst other invasive species) It looks like this is going to cost network rail a fair few £

There are a number of features covering this case, below is a example of the type of coverage


On a more personal level we have been working hard all over the country. We have successfully completed excavation projects & detailed reports for Japanese Knotweed for construction companies & residential house holders.

We have also managed to develop an App which we hope will help people identify invasive plants, upload images for identification or ask for free advice relating to non-native species.

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