27th June 2017

Knotweed, Hogweed and Giant Hogweed

Invasive Weed Management June Blog 2017

With the Japanese Knotweed growing season now well underway we are covering more ground and plants than ever. We have recently made 2 additions to our growing team to help us with an ever increasing work load. We have noticed a real upsurge in excavation projects in the past few weeks, working for commercial businesses ranging from the manufacturing industry to large scale residential building projects. From our very small view point the economy doesn’t look to be as bad as some media outlets are suggesting.

We are also encountering increasing amounts of stories from clients regarding advice they have been given regarding Japanese Knotweed. This has ranged from “oh, just cut it and burn it and it will go” to “If it’s on your property you can contract a terminal disease!” both of these statements are not only extremely worrying to hear but are categorically untrue. My god, what are people playing at??

As always at this time of year the media will be posting a lot of stories relating to invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed & particularly after the recent hot weather Giant Hogweed. This plant can be harmful to people, especially children, so please whatever you do familiarise yourself with this plant and inform your children to stay away from it. Here are a couple of articles related to Hogweed which have been published recently



Make sure you can identify the difference between giant hogweed & common hogweed (which is harmless)

If you have any concerns or need advice please do not hesitate to get in touch, you can drop us a picture via email or our telephone number is on the website

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