25th June 2018

June 2018

Sun & Scars

Wow! What beautiful weather we have been having lately! An unfortunate result of the hot weather is the dangers caused by the invasive Giant Hogweed. This impressive yet injurious weed can cause severe burns when brought into contact with the skin. Recently there have been a number of cases of injuries to children and pets. If you’re unsure of what this plant looks like there are examples on this site. Here is a link to a recent case where a poor dog came into contact with Giant hogweed


Another novel was of tackling the invasive species Japanese Knotweed is to eat it into submission. Akin to Rhubarb and considered a delicacy in its Native Japan Japanese Knotweed can be made into stewing fruit or into a good old crumble. Why not check out one of these recipes??


Something tells me that this won’t be the solution to your Japanese Knotweed issues unfortunately. If you have any issues with a development site, Commercial or domestic property please get in touch with your local team to organise a free survey. Enjoy the weather & good luck to England in the world cup!

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