20th August 2019

August 2019

Gary Neville & A Crap Summer

Apologies its been a couple of months since the last blog. We are now underway with the Japanese Knotweed & Horsetail Treatment windows but are fighting a losing battle with Mother nature.. Where did all this bloody rain come from? We have hundreds of clients to satisfy across the UK and unfortunately, we are being delayed at times by the great British summer. Anyway, winge over. We are just putting the finishing touches to a new client relationship which will help us work for an even larger number of clients.. so watch this space! 

Japanese Knotweed & Football?? Thanks to everyone’s favourite pundit Gary Neville our social media accounts went crazy (for a bit) after he mentioned the Invasive Weed in a post-match summary. It made us chuckle in the office (mainly cos we don’t really like Man UTD as well)

Here is the clip – enjoy!

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