25th February 2020

February 2020

Impacts of Invasive Species and the recent floods

The recent floods across the UK have caused havoc for many property owners & have cost millions of pounds of damage. It seems clear to everyone, except to many of those in power that much more needs to be done in order to ensure that people can live in safety. Another potential impact on those unfortunate enough are the scattering of Invasive species. We have visited a number of areas across the UK after Storms Ciara & Dennis to find uprooted Japanese Knotweed crowns, canes & rhizomes scattered across landscapes. Not to mention the re-distribution of Giant Hogweed & Himalayan Balsam which already heavily infests our watercourses!

The result of this is that properties that had no previous issue with Invasive species could now have infestations and a diminution in their property value through no fault of their own. IWM offer a free ID service for any suspected invasive species issue. Simply email us at least 3 images of the suspected plants and we will give you an ID and advice on how to proceed. Email your pictures to:




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