19th May 2020

May 2020

COVID & Stuff

Well Well Well,

Just when you thought it was going to be the start of a great year! Like many businesses the past few weeks have been very challenging to say the least. Due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and to ensure our team were protected we decided to utilise the governments furlough scheme and whilst one could argue the lock-down could have been started earlier the chancellor has done is good job in helping to support businesses such as ours. Whilst lock-down is in effect we are still helping commercial and residential clients with their issues surrounding Invasive species, Particularly Japanese Knotweed, ensuring we travel alone and that we maintain social distancing along with sanitising ourselves and everything we touch!

Thankfully, enquiries have been very positive and once the lockdown is fully over we can look to a very busy year, We hope the same applies to all other businesses out there, we need a strong economy to make lives better for ourselves and our loved ones

All the best for (the rest) of 2020



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