22nd April 2021

April 2021

Japanese Knotweed growing season underway! 

After a very hectic and strange year, we are hoping everyone is getting back to normal, whatever normal is. We have been one of the fortunate businesses that have been very busy over the last 12 months, most likely due to a buoyant housing market and as a result haven’t had the chance to blog. We have seen our largest every project delivered for a commercial client along with expanding our business into large vegetation works and tree clearance. 

We are now working on some really exciting projects from listed building works to (hopefully) working on a world heritage site. Fingers crossed on that one! 

Due to the healthy property market there is an abundance of news doing the rounds in relation to Japanese Knotweed. We are receiving calls on a daily basis from people terrified they cannot sell their properties or that a survey has highlighted Japanese Knotweed “in the vicinity”. My thoughts are that due to a number of cases where surveyors have been sued for missing Japanese Knotweed they are now covering their backsides by making this statement. The result is panic from sellers scrambling to make sense of what they need to do. Often, this is as simple as calling a suitably qualified contractor (either PCA or INNSA approved) and ask them for a site visit & report. In the vast majority of cases, this helps a derailed sale get back on track. I was reading up online not long ago and found some helpful tips like this 


For any questions or if you have any concerns related to Japanese Knotweed or any other invasive species for that matter drop us an email info@invasiveweedmanagement.co and our team will be happy to help

Till next time!

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