9th March 2022

March 2022

RICS & Sticks 

In 2012 the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors (RICS) published guidance in relation to the threat of Japanese Knotweed and how it potentially affects properties. This guidance has resulted in many property sales falling through and many sleepless nights for Vendors and purchasers. Most contractors in the industry have been advising their clients about the risks of JKW in a responsible manner (some have not) with many, many cases being over-exaggerated about the potential damage caused. 

As a result, new guidance has been published which appears to clarify their stance on Japanese Knotweed. Personally, we think this is about as clear as mud with various bodies trying to establish guidelines for their members and the wider public. A risk of 1-4 has been changed to A-D. 

We are currently working on deciphering this and how it actually will work on the ground for our surveyors and clients

Watch this space!

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