15th February 2023

Feb 2023

And the court cases keep on coming.

Further to our January blog, where a homeowner is facing a £200k+ legal bill, a recent court case lost by the Local Authority in Bridgend in Wales will have Councils up and down the country trembling with fear.

No doubt, there will be waves of claims related to the encroachment of Japanese Knotweed onto residential properties.

After last month’s £300k plus claim, another homeowner in south Wales “won” their claim against Bridgend County Borough council (at the 3rd attempt) But this begs the question… Who won?

When you look into the numbers, the findings are pretty staggering. The client is due to be paid £4,900 in “damages” related to the encroachment of Japanese Knotweed, which is most likely a diminution in the value of their property. 

BUT GET THIS. The legal fees on this are close to £300,000!!! 

So let’s get this straight The client receives 1.6% of the total payout and the lawyers walk away with the rest. It doesn’t seem right now, does it? 

For more information on this case, check out this link


Word of warning, If you are ever in doubt about where you stand with Japanese Knotweed infestations give a call to a qualified expert. Most of the time the advice is free and can help save a lot of heartache and unnecessary expense 

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