14th June 2023

June 2023 Blog

Hello everyone,
After a rather wet spring, it’s great to see the sun finally shining. As we all gear up to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the British summertime, we need to chat about a tricky plant – the Giant Hogweed.
Giant Hogweed isn’t your typical weed. It’s a big plant that can cause real problems. If you brush against it and get some of its sap on your skin, that’s where the trouble starts. The sunlight reacts with the sap and can cause nasty burns. What’s worse, these burns can reoccur and even get more profound when you’re out in the sun again in the following years.
So, how do you spot this weed? It’s a big plant that can spread loads of seeds, making it a common sight across the UK.

If you’re unsure what it looks like, check out our page for identification images. Or, you can simply google “Giant Hogweed”. If you’re still stuck, feel free to send us a message. We’re happy to provide free images to help you identify it.

Stay safe this summer – it’s always better to know what you’re dealing with, especially when it comes to invasive weeds like Giant Hogweed. And remember, if you find this weed on your property, don’t try to tackle it alone. It’s a tricky plant to deal with and a job best left to the professionals.

Why not get in touch with us at IWM? We’re experts in dealing with invasive weeds like the Giant Hogweed. Contact us today, and let us handle the problem safely and efficiently. You can then focus on enjoying your summer without worrying about nasty weeds.

Stay safe and enjoy the sun!

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