3rd April 2024

January 2024

Happy New Year to you all!

After a long and refreshing break, we are back at it with full steam ahead! 

Due to increased capacity, we are now helping deliver Ground Maintenance contracts to several commercial clients across the north of England and the Midlands. We manage over 50 sites continuously and are very happy with our client’s feedback. 

Over the winter months, we also provide removal and management strategies for invasive species for new and existing clients. This mainly consists of mechanical excavation projects and winter clearance works for dead cane material, which is already under an herbicide management plan. 

Whilst most of our work tackles the most famous of these species, our regulatory body, the Property Care Association, makes an effort to inform people of lesser-known problematic species. Some of them are still available for sale in the UK!

Check out their latest blogs regarding this: https://www.property-care.org/News/banning-sale-of-invasives

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