27th April 2014

Invasive Weed Management 3 Year Control and management System

Invasive Weed Managements’s 3 year invasive weed control and management system can treat and eradicate Giant hogweed. Invasive Weed Management Our fully qualified technicians will conduct a site survey and develop a bespoke treatmentprogramme to ensure customer satisfaction.IWM are also qualified to treat and destroy other invasive plant life such as Himalayan Balsam and Ragwort. […]

27th April 2014

Mortgage Refusal Due to Invasive Weeds

Mortgage Refusal A large number of mortgage lenders such as Barclays, NatWest & HSBC will refuse you a mortgage if Japanese Knotweed is on or within 7 meters of your property! IWM can ease your worries with our guaranteed Invasive Weed eradication service. We can fully remove all the weeds including the dangerous Rhizomes so […]

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