25th September 2014

Rhododendron Removal

Rhododendron Rhododendron invades areas both vegetatively and via seed. Established plants spread by lateral horizontal growth of the branches. A single plant may eventually end up covering many metres of ground with thickly interlaced, impenetrable branches. Where the horizontal branches touch the ground, they will root, continually extending the area of Rhododendron cover. Rhododendron is […]

28th June 2014

Garden Landscaping

At Invasive Weed Management as well as large scale landscaping we offer small scale landscaping for Gardens, allotments etc Why Use Invasive Weed Management We have over 10 years’ landscaping experience designing outdoor spaces to a high professional standard. What is Landscaping Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area […]

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