25th September 2014

Rhododendron Removal

Rhododendron Rhododendron invades areas both vegetatively and via seed. Established plants spread by lateral horizontal growth of the branches. A single plant may eventually end up covering many metres of ground with thickly interlaced, impenetrable branches. Where the horizontal branches touch the ground, they will root, continually extending the area of Rhododendron cover. Rhododendron is […]

5th July 2014

Professional Weed Removal

At Invasive Weed Management Leeds our Qualified staff Using Top Quality Herbicides can clear your Property / Properties of all Weeds and help prevent them returning.

8th May 2014

Invasive Weed Management Insurance Backed Warranty

We have managed to secure an Insurance Backed Warranty for our services. What this means for you This basically means that if you have Knotweed growing on your property that Invasive Weed Management (IWM) will treat it and then issue a warranty so you can sell your property without worrying about the banks declining your […]

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